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Dividend baskets

Aspermont Dividend Stock Basket
Low Interest Rates in Europe – Attractive Dividend Yields

Money market rates and bond yields in Europe were under pressure in last years as a consequence of the very expansive monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). Outbreak of coronavirus and increasing demand for fixed income securities pushed yields on historical lows, with German 20Y Bunds trading with negative yield while US 10Y treasuries offering investors just 0.6% return per annum. To support economy, central banks around the world slashed funding rates and opened up asset purchasing programs to greatest extent in history, providing business with liquidity while simultaneously adversely affecting attractiveness of bonds to investors. High dividend paying companies with proven business models and solid balance sheets are increasingly seen as more attractive substitute for bond and money market investments.

The composition of the Dividend Basket focuses primarily on companies of the STOXX Europe 600 index and therefore issued in EUR. The portfolio is then complemented by companies listed on the Swiss, UK and US markets to diversify the portfolio and profit from worldwide growth.

The following table exemplifies how different yields compare to whole market dividend yields:

Investment Money Market 3 Months 2 Years Bonds 5 Years 10 Years Equity Divident Yield
USA 0.08% 0.167% 0.340% 0.696% 2.44%(S&P500)
Germany -0.276% -0.685% -0.654% -0.460% 4.20%(DAX)
Switzerland -0.637% -0.751% -0.705% -0.552% 3.65%(SMI)
UK 0.078% -0.037% 0.046% 0.229% 6.13%(FTSE 100)

I. Yield (% p.a.)  Comparison Equities / Bonds as of 20.05.2020

Aspermont Dividend Stock Basket Investment Process

  • Stock selection process:
    • Universe of more than 1’000 companies in Europe and the USA
    • Companies with stable or even growing dividends and payout ratios over the past 5 years – often coincides with healthy companies with solid and sustainable business models and global leading market positions
    • Increasing payout ratios often show increasing market capitalization and stock price gains
  • Company analysis:
    • Quantitative: margin growth, free cash flow, debt-to-equity ratio, healthy balance sheet structure, sustainable revenue and earnings growth, P/E ratio, P/B ratios, stock price volatility, market liquidity
    • Qualitative: management performance, corporate strategy, product pipeline
  • Portfolio construction
    • Diversification between large caps (min. 80% of the basket) and small to mid-caps
    • Diversified among regions, currencies and industry sectors

Aspermont Dividend Stock Basket Company Analysis

In-house equity analysis

  • In-depth balance sheet analysis
  • Detailed catalogue with clear rules for screening the investment and decision- making

Equity analysis based on various factors such as

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Earnings trends
  • Research / recommendations from best-in-class analysts
  • Technical analysis
  • Management track record/credibility

Aspermont Dividend Stock Basket Market Monitoring

Market monitoring of AMC positions

  • Continuous monitoring of world markets and individual companies allows us to react to current events in order to minimize negative portfolio effects (tactical adjustments)
  • Focus on macro-economic events to stay current in the big picture and discover where investment opportunities are
  • Spot trends in highly correlated asset classes

Aspermont Dividend Stock Basket Option Overlay Strategy

Option overlay strategy

  • As an integral part of the AMC’s investment strategy, ASCAP embeds an option overlay into the portfolio; generally covered calls or fully funded short puts
  • The main purpose of the options is to generate enhanced investment returns by collecting option premium
  • A second effect of the overlay is that stocks which have reached their price targets/option strikes are automatically sold, and/or bought automatically at a discount when their price has fallen sufficiently
  • On average on 35% to 50% of all equity positions covered calls are written
  • We prefer short-term call options (tenor up to 3 months) with strikes out-of-the-money by 5% to 10%
  • The median option premium yields around 2.5% of the prevailing stock price and is typically fully realized three out of four cycles
  • Approximate realized return contribution is around 1.5 – 2.0% p.a.
  • When selecting call options to sell, we look for stocks which trade at the higher end of our price target range and which pay relatively high implied volatilities


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